Spear Fishing


Spearfishing is a discipline of the sport of hunting. It’s rewarding, very challenging, adrenaline pumping and visceral. Steven Rinella, an author, hunter, conservationist and host of the Netflix series “Meat Eater”, believes that any form of hunting is “real fun”, as oppose to “cheap fun” like riding a rollercoaster or playing videogames.

Those are fun in the moment but you rarely remember the event after a few days. “Real fun” as he describes it is, the kind of fun that comes from doing something that isn’t necessarily fun in the moment, but it is fun in hindsight and it is the kind of fun that enriches your life because you’ll remember it forever and it makes you come back time and time again.

Spearfishing is great exercise, whether or not you realise it swimming rips through calories like few sports can. The thrill of the chase gets your heart racing and you get your cardio done without realising it.
Our Great Barrier Reef is one of the best underwater vistas worldwide, get a sense of how it is being damaged and help raise awareness for its conservation.
People like to hear stories of your trips, help them recognise the vulnerability of our oceans that isn’t immediately obvious because it is all hidden beneath the waves and the general public seems to have a “out of sight, out of mind” attitude whether or not they’re aware of it.